The Real Exorcism of Emily Rose

This real exorcism of emily rose video comes from my personal Youtube channel. This video shows the real exorcism of anneliese michel. Real exorcism footage and photos. Caution. Very graphic. The real Anneliese Michel was portrayed in the movie “The Exorcist of Emily Rose” where a young girl battled demonic possession and multiple exorcism’s before eventually passing away. This video includes a exorcism, graphic exorcism sounds and graphic exorcism photos as well as the horrific effects that the demonic possession took on Anneliese Michel. You will hear see and hear the real exorcism video footage and photos of a young Anneliese Michel.

Anna Elisabeth “Anneliese” Michel was born in Germany in 1952 to parents Josef Michel and Anna Michel. Anneliese Michel was a young Catholic girl. She was diagnosed with epileptic psychosis even though her family and her priests believed that she was possessed. Anneliese Michel was treated many times for the epileptic psychosis and went through other psychiatric treatments, none of them worked. So the family called for the help from the Catholic church. The church sent Priest Josef Stangl and Priest Ernst Alt as the main priests What followed next was a long battle with demonic possession and exorcism rites.

On 1 July 1976, Anneliese Michel died in her home in Germany. The autopsy report stated the cause was malnutrition and starvation for almost a year while the rites of exorcism were performed. Anneliese Michel ‑ This is a video that includes photos and exorcism footage of Anneliese Michel. In Memory of Anneliese Michel (1952-1976). You can find this video and many more scary ghost and paranormal videos on my channel called the Mississippi Paranormal Group. Thanks for watching.

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