Ghost Spirit Orb Caught on Camera

Check out this amazing ghost spirit orb caught on camera video. Yes ghost orbs or spirit orbs are a real type of paranormal activity. Ghost orbs can also be defined as light anomalies. Either name describes what they are. A ghost orb or anomaly is generally a round ball of light energy that has its own movement. Some orbs or anomalies travel slow while some travel fast. Ghost orbs and anomalies also come in different colors. Don’t confuse dust with a light orb. There are differences in their characteristics.

With each color representing the type of orb or anomaly it is. For example: A red orb or anomaly is often described as a negative entity or spirit. A white or blue orb or anomaly is often compared to an angelic or peaceful orb anomaly. These ghost orbs also come in different sizes from very small to big. But most all of they are round in shape. In other words, each orb or light anomaly has its own meaning. In this video we were investigating a haunted abandoned building.

We kept seeing these light orbs or light anomalies floating down the hallway through out the night. We decided to follow them around and then stand still in the main room. One of the light orbs floated right up to my face and it startled both of us. If you have never seen one in person, it is a very cool paranormal experience. This is still one of my best pieces of paranormal evidence to date. Do you believe in ghost orbs or light anomalies? Let me know what you think in the comments section below the video. Thanks for watching.

Ghost Spirit Orb Caught on Camera

Ghost Growls at Us

Check out this very scary ghost growls at us video. Yes ghosts and spirits can growl and make other noises. This is known as disembodied voices. Meaning when a ghost or spirit can talk or make sounds without you seeing them. Most all ghosts or spirits need a energy source to be able to produce a disembodied voice. Do you believe that ghosts can speak?

They can use a human body for energy or any type of electrical device. There have been some instances where ghosts and spirits have used electrical lightning storms to draw energy in order to produce a disembodied voice or be able to manifest. In this video you will hear a real Ghost Growl at us. We were investigating inside of a haunted church when a ghost or negative entity decided to growl very loudly sat us.

Once we got into the haunted church we split up. I went to the back of the church while the other paranormal investigator stayed up front and began asking questions. The growl happened after he asked a direct question to the spirits. Let us know what you think about the video and leave us a comment in the comments section. You can also find us on Youtube by searching for the Ghosts of Mississippi.

Ghost Growls at Us

Ghost Manifests in Front of Me – Real Ghosts Caught on Camera

Check out my scary Ghost Manifests in Front of Me – Real Ghosts Caught on Camera video. What is the paranormal? defines the paranormal as “Paranormal activity events are phenomena whose existence is described as beyond normal”. What sets the paranormal apart from other pseudosciences is its reliance on explanations for paranormal phenomena that is outside the realm of science. At least 1 in 5 people claim to believe in ghosts and the paranormal. The word ghost or spirit in the English language refers to the spirit of a deceased person that can appear to living people. Even though the paranormal is based mostly on theories, most scientists acknowledge that the paranormal is a real thing. Ghosts are real. I made a compilation video of some of the evidence that I caught.

In this video I captured a ghost entity that tries to manifest in front of me and a disembodied scream near the end of the video. At one point the ghost entity fully manifests into what looks like a human form. I could see the ghost entity with my own eyes as well as through the camera. This is one of the greatest pieces of paranormal evidence that I have ever caught on camera. I also caught disembodied voices and screams. I captured all of this paranormal evidence inside of a haunted church in Mississippi. I have captured everything from disembodied voices to shadow figures and poltergeist activity. In this video you will see real ghosts caught on camera. Check out the video and let me know what you think about my evidence in the comments below this video.

Poltergeist Ghost Throws a Board at Us

Check out our creepy and scary Poltergeist Ghost Throws a Board at Us video. What is a poltergeist. A poltergeist is a ghost or spirit that can manipulate objects. Wikipedia defines a poltergeist spirit as “In ghost lore, a poltergeist is German for a noisy ghost or noisy spirit. A poltergeist ghost is a type of ghost or spirit that can produce physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects being moved on there on without a visible source. Poltergeist ghosts are capable of causing harm to live human beings. Harm in the form of scratching, bite marks, being hit, and causing people to fall by pushing people.

Most accounts of poltergeists describe the movement of objects and noises such as knocking on doors, footsteps and other disembodied noises.”. Poltergeist ghosts have been described as mean and harmful ghosts who haunt a person or place. Poltergeist ghost manifestations have happened in all countries. Claims of ghosts that torment their victims date back to the first century.. but references to poltergeists became more common in the early 16th century.

In this video you will see us as we investigate the haunted church that we investigate often. While getting ready to investigate the baptistry area of the church, a poltergeist ghost literally throws a board inside of the baptistry with such force that it startled all of us. After the board was thrown we investigated the entire area and could find no logical reason for the board being thrown. This is why we believe that the board was thrown by a poltergeist ghost. Watch the video and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below the video. Thank you for watching.

Poltergeist Throws a Board at Us

Ghost Screams at Me – Disembodied Ghost Voice

Check out this creepy Ghost screams at Me – Disembodied Ghost Voice video. What exactly is a disembodied voice. A disembodied voice is a voice that comes from a ghost or spirit. defines a disembodied voice as a voice that is disembodied and is disconnected from a solid human body. If you hear a disembodied voice, it’s creepy and scary and ghostly, with no visible shape or form. Most all spirits or ghosts need energy to be able to speak in the form of a disembodied voice. They can get energy from humans or any type of electrical device.

The theory is that the energy helps them speak therefore producing a disembodied voice without being able to see the ghost or spirit. In this video I was investigating a haunted church for paranormal activity. As I entered the middle section of the church I heard a door open. Immediately after that I hear a loud grunt or loud hiss. A few seconds after that I began to speak and as Im speaking a ghost screams at me and the form of a disembodied voice (Scream). Needless to say that this startled me so bad that I took off running.

I have heard many disembodied voices and screams inside of this haunted church. This one was so loud that I thought it was a person. After some investigating I determined that it was not a person and had to of been a ghost or spirit. Let me know what you think about the video in the comments section below the video. Do you believe in disembodied voices? You can find more of my paranormal videos on my Youtube channel called the Ghosts of Mississippi.

Rodney Mississippi Ghost Town – Ghosts Caught on Camera

Check out this creepy and scary Rodney Mississippi Ghost Town – Ghosts Caught on Camera video. Rodney is a very well known paranormal hotspot in the state of Mississippi. Most of the residents of Rodney have moved out of the town all together. This is a video by Mindseed TV when they traveled to Rodney Mississippi to do a paranormal investigation and catch ghosts caught on camera. This was by far one of the scariest investigations we have ever done. This content may be considered extremely disturbing to some and should be watched at viewers own discretion. The videos we caught on camera are that of unexplained and shocking paranormal activity. This tape will leave you terrified in horror. After traveling to Mississippi for an investigation regarding coordinates from a dark web mystery box, we soon heard from the locals about a town called Rodney. This town is haunted by something dark so we decided to make it a paranormal investigation… what we discovered was extremely shocking! Check out this video and check out their channel for more awesome and scary paranormal investigation videos. Also leave us a comment and let us know what your thoughts are about the video.

Franklin Castle Ghost Apparition

This franklin castle ghost apparition video comes from the ghost adventures crew. As zack was filming billy inside of the room, a very tall shadow figure type ghost can be seen walking by the outside of the window. This is an amazing piece of paranormal evidence. A shadow figure or shadow person ghost takes its human form but this shadow figure ghost is extremely tall when it walks by the window. Ghost Adventures is an American paranormal documentary and reality television series that is shown on the Travel Channel. The program follows ghost hunters Zak Bagans Aaron Goodwin and billy Tolley as they investigate locations that are reported to be haunted. Check out this clip of the shadow ghost and let us know what you think in the comments.

Scary Shadow People Ghosts Caught on Camera

Scary Shadow People

This is another creepy and scary video about shadow people. Shadow people ghosts take on the form of a human that is black or shadowy. Hence the name shadow people or shadow figures. In this top 13 list, we look at the most scary ghost sightings of shadow people that were caught on tape. Whether they’re real or fake, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy my analysis of these paranormal videos. Do you believe in ghosts, shadow people or the paranormal? These creepy entities are hard to explain. This is why it is called the paranormal. Let us know what you think about the video in the comments section below this video. Check out the rest of our paranormal videos by scrolling down through the posts or by using the categories section in the right hand side bar. Thanks for watching. Enjoy the video.

Investigating a Haunted House in Ellisville Mississippi

This is another paranormal video from my Ghosts of Mississippi group. investigating a haunted house in Ellisville Mississippi – a haunted house investigation. investigating a haunted house – a haunted house investigation – In ghostlore, a haunted house or ghost house is a house or other building often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were otherwise connected with the property. We caught some scary voices during a ghost box session and we caught some creepy EVPS. If you love the paranormal and ghost related videos then you will love this scary video. Follow us as we investigate for paranormal activity inside of this haunted house in Ellisville Mississippi. You can also check out more of our paranormal and ghost videos on our Youtube channel called the Ghosts of Mississippi channel. Thanks for watching.

Haunted Cemetery in Mississippi

This is another one of my haunted cemetery in mississippi videos. This is part of my haunted cemetery series. As part of my haunted cemetery series videos I visited a haunted cemetery in Greene County Mississippi. I caught a creepy disembodied voice that spoke behind me. This really is a haunted cemetery in Mississippi. also check out my other haunted cemetery videos and my ghost and paranormal videos. We are listed as the number 1 “Most Haunted Place in Mississippi” Channel among different online articles. In my haunted cemetery in mississippi series I will visit some of the Most Haunted Places in Mississippi. Along with my paranormal videos I thought it would be cool to do a series on graveyards. So follow my channel and subscribe for some of the best paranormal videos on the internet. Check out the video and let me know what you think about it in the comments section. Thanks for watching.