Haunted Cemetery in Mississippi

Check out this amazing footage of a haunted cemetery in mississippi. We caught multiple ghost voices and EVPs in this haunted cemetery in mississippi.

Paranormal Caught on Camera

paranormal caught on camera

Check out this amazing footage of real paranormal caught on camera. This is my video that was featured on the Travel Channel show called Paranormal Caught on Camera. I hope you like it.

Real Paranormal Evidence Caught on Video

Check out my scary real paranormal evidence caught on video, video. Check out my video of a real ghost that speaks to us. Also known as a disembodied voice. This real ghost video was also featured on the show Paranormal Caught on Camera. We also caught some kind of ghost demon in the mirror and my co-investigator got scratched. I was contacted about this video by the Travel Channel show called Paranormal Caught on Camera. They wanted to do a special episode with this video being featured on the episode.

Of course I said yes. In this video, we caught an amazing and creepy disembodied voice that said ” Im Stuck in Here”. It was the clearest disembodied ghost voice that I had ever heard. We also caught a real demonic looking figure in a mirror. That blew both of our minds. After some communication back and forth, my co-paranormal investigator was severely scratched near the end of our investigation. Check out the video and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

Rodney Mississippi Ghost Town – Ghosts Caught on Camera

Check out this creepy and scary Rodney Mississippi Ghost Town – Ghosts Caught on Camera video. Rodney is a very well known paranormal hotspot in the state of Mississippi. Most of the residents of Rodney have moved out of the town all together. This is a video by Mindseed TV when they traveled to Rodney Mississippi to do a paranormal investigation and catch ghosts caught on camera. This was by far one of the scariest investigations we have ever done. This content may be considered extremely disturbing to some and should be watched at viewers own discretion. The videos we caught on camera are that of unexplained and shocking paranormal activity. This tape will leave you terrified in horror. After traveling to Mississippi for an investigation regarding coordinates from a dark web mystery box, we soon heard from the locals about a town called Rodney. This town is haunted by something dark so we decided to make it a paranormal investigation… what we discovered was extremely shocking! Check out this video and check out their channel for more awesome and scary paranormal investigation videos. Also leave us a comment and let us know what your thoughts are about the video.

What is the Paranormal?

Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal? What exactly is the paranormal? The paranormal can be summed up as unexplained phenomena. Or as Wikipedia defines it ” purported phenomena described in popular culture, folk and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described as beyond normal experience or scientific explanation”. In other words, nobody can explain what the paranormal is exactly. We know that the paranormal includes ghosts, spirits, angels and negative entities but we don’t know exactly how the paranormal works. We do have theories though. Theories are based off of real life paranormal experiences and events. Lets look at some paranormal theories.

  1. Paranormal Theory 1 – Ghosts and spirits are the souls of people that used to live as human beings here on earth.
  2. Paranormal Theory 2 – Negative entities never lived as human beings on earth.
  3. Paranormal Theory 3 – Paranormal activity can produce physical manifestations such as shadow figures.
  4. Paranormal Theory 4 – Paranormal activity can also be produced in the form of poltergeists that can manipulate objects.
  5. Paranormal Theory 5 – Strong ghost entities need energy to manifest or speak so they will drain batteries from cell phones and other electrical devices that use batteries.
  6. Paranormal Theory 6 – Ghosts and spirits can also drain the energy from a human being making the person feel lethargic.
  7. Paranormal Theory 7 – Ghosts and spirits are made up of electricity and natural energy but need more energy and electricity to speak and show themselves.
  8. Paranormal Theory 8 – Ghosts and spirits can leave their voices on digital recorders as well as tape recorders. These voices are called Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP for short.
  9. Paranormal Theory 9 – A ghost or spirit can use the energy of a human or an electronic device to speak. This is known as a disembodied voice.
  10. Paranormal Theory 10 – A ghost or spirit can also use energy from a human or electronic device to manifest into a full or partial apparition. They can also use that same energy to touch you or mark you.

This is just some of the theories that are paranormal. There are many more. The paranormal can also be defined as occurrences of events or without a scientific explanation or other supernatural phenomena. The paranormal is one of the few things that science cannot explain. The paranormal is very real. Ghosts are very real. Ask anybody that has ever experienced a paranormal event and they will tell you just how real it is. Ghosts and unexplained paranormal events don’t have to be explained by science to know that it is real. The best thing to do is to experience it for yourself. Get some ghost hunting equipment, find a haunted location and try to make contact with the paranormal. Having a first hand experience with the paranormal is the best way to know that it is real.

Paranormal Caught on Camera S3 Ep. 1

This is season 1 episode 3 of paranormal caught on camera. This is one of the scariest episodes of the paranormal caught on camera series. At 14:50 two paranormal investigators are investigating a haunted church in Mississippi when they run across an entity that is stuck in the church. They also discover and witness with their own eyes a entity stuck inside of a mirror. They even capture a crystal clear disembodied voice from one of the entities that says “Im Stuck in Here”. This is an amazing supernatural video and it is also proof of real paranormal activity. There are more clips of supernatural activity in this video. In one scene a man captures what looks like a bigfoot or a caveman. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.


Poltergeist Caught on Camera

Real Poltergeist Caught on Camera. Demons Caught On Camera In Real Life demons caught on camera youtube. Check out this clip of a real poltergeist causing havoc inside of these peoples home. It has the ability to slam doors and even show itself near the end of the video. This video contains a real poltergeist captured inside of a home. this is one of best clips og real poltergeist activity found on youtube.