Haunted Cemetery in Mississippi

Check out this amazing footage of a haunted cemetery in mississippi. We caught multiple ghost voices and EVPs in this haunted cemetery in mississippi.

Paranormal Caught on Camera

paranormal caught on camera

Check out this amazing footage of real paranormal caught on camera. This is my video that was featured on the Travel Channel show called Paranormal Caught on Camera. I hope you like it.

Ghost Apparition Caught On Camera

Check out my video of a real Ghost Apparition Caught On Camera. Basically a ghost apparition is the human looking form of a ghost or a spirit. A ghost apparition is defined as many things but the main definitions of a ghost apparitions are:

  1. An unusual or unexpected sight : Paranormal Phenomena
  2. An unexpected, paranormal or supernatural appearance; such as a ghost or phantom.
  3. A disembodied spirit or soul; the soul or spirit of a deceased person; a spirit appearing in full body form after death

In this video, me and another paranormal investigator are investigating the same haunted church that we always investigate. As we are talking and filming, a small ghost like apparition appears and moves down the isle toward us. The apparition almost looked alien like. This was an amazing paranormal experience. Some people call it a ghost orb but to me it looks like more of a small ghost apparition. What are your thoughts on the video. Let me know what you think in the comments section below this video.

The Real Conjuring House – Real Ghost House

The real conjuring house real ghost house is actually a real haunted house. The conjuring house was constructed in the 18h century as a farmhouse. Over the long history of the conjuring farmhouse, at least 7 children died in the house or on the property. Some have speculated that all of the deaths were a result of some kind of witchcraft that happened years ago. The new owners say that the house is definitely haunted by some negative ghost spirits. The farmhouse has had such immense paranormal activity over the years that a movie was made about the house and the paranormal phenomena. The movie was called the conjuring. The new owners have claimed to see and hear the following types of paranormal activity. Apparitions, shadow figures, footsteps, disembodied voices, doors opening and closing, knocking sounds, weird smells and a whole lot more. All of the deaths that happened on the property were a result of drownings, hangings and hangings. The movie itself was based off of the experiences that the Perron family had while they lived there.

The most talked about ghost of the Perron property is a spirit that was a witch known as Bathsheba Sherman… There is no hard evidence to support that Bathsheba. Bathsheba was really a witch! There have been a few paranormal investigators that have been allowed to investigate there and we will take a look at some of their videos. In one of the videos, They explain how that The Rhode Island house from “The Conjuring” have new owners Cory & Jennifer and they claim they’ve witnessed weird and abnormal occurrences that is the result of ongoing paranormal activity. Just two months after buying the haunted house its new owners say they’re witnessing unexplained paranormal activity. Cory who bought the haunted farmhouse, said that weird occurrences have already happened multiple times. “Footsteps, knocks, we’ve had lights flashing in rooms And when I say lights flashing in rooms, it’s rooms that don’t have light in there to begin with. Check out the following videos below and let us know what your thoughts are on the real life conjuring house in the comments section below the video.

The Conjuring House Walkthrough

Paranormal Investigation Part 1

Paranormal Investigation Part 2

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