Ghost Manifests on Camera in Front of Me

Check out this amazing footage of a real ghost entity trying to manifest in front of me. What exactly does it mean for a ghost to manifest? When a ghost or spirit is trying to show itself to the living, it will find a energy source to draw energy from. Such as electricity or even human energy. Once the spirit has enough energy, itn can transform into the human form of its prior self. A spirit can transform into a partial apparition and even into a full body apparition if there is enough energy to draw from.

In this video I was doing a paranormal investigation by myself inside of an abandoned building. As I was walking through the building I kept hearing different noises from all sections of the building. As I went to investigate the main hallway, a light orb entity came into view and stayed there. The longer it stayed, the more it kept trying to manifest into a full body spirit. A couple of times it did form into what looked like a full body spirit.

The entity stayed there for multiple minutes until it drained my camcorder and then it went back into the form of an orb. After it went back into orb form and began to fly away, it actually touched my arm. Later on the video, a loud female scream happened behind me causing me to take off running because it startled me. This was a very active investigation.

Have you ever witnessed a ghost or spirit attempt to manifest into a full body apparition? It is a unique and terrifying experience. It felt very peaceful. I never felt like it was going to harm me. It was almost like an angelic experience. I have investigated this place many times in the past and this is the one and only time that has happened to me. It truly is a great piece of paranormal evidence.

This was a very scary but awesome paranormal experience for me. I had never witnessed a ghost spirit attempt to manifest in front of me. This was truly a unique experience. What made it such a cool piece of paranormal evidence was the fact that I saw it with my own eyes as well as through the camera. Check out the video and let me know what you think about it in the comments section.

Ghost Apparition Caught On Camera

Check out my video of a real Ghost Apparition Caught On Camera. Basically a ghost apparition is the human looking form of a ghost or a spirit. A ghost apparition is defined as many things but the main definitions of a ghost apparitions are:

  1. An unusual or unexpected sight : Paranormal Phenomena
  2. An unexpected, paranormal or supernatural appearance; such as a ghost or phantom.
  3. A disembodied spirit or soul; the soul or spirit of a deceased person; a spirit appearing in full body form after death

In this video, me and another paranormal investigator are investigating the same haunted church that we always investigate. As we are talking and filming, a small ghost like apparition appears and moves down the isle toward us. The apparition almost looked alien like. This was an amazing paranormal experience. Some people call it a ghost orb but to me it looks like more of a small ghost apparition. What are your thoughts on the video. Let me know what you think in the comments section below this video.

The Gettysburg Ghost Sightings

Most everybody that has seen the gettysburg ghost sightings all agree upon is that the footage is real. Gettysburg was a main location during the civil war. Gettysburg is also the location of some of the bloodiest battles that ever took place during the civil war. It is a place where thousands upon thousands of soldiers died a horrible death during the civil war. A couple of theories on why this place is so haunted is the amount of horrific deaths caused the spirits to not know they are dead or they are stuck there to haunt the place for eternity. Another theory is that some of the paranormal activity is known as the stone tape theory. This is where paranormal energy imprints itself on the surrounding area and keeps replaying just like a tape recorder. Either way, most people do agree that Gettysburg is an extremely haunted place. I love to ghost hunt and I love the paranormal. In this specific video clip you will see what looks like multiple ghost energy apparitions walking back in forth in the woods and up the mountain. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment.

Queen Mary Ghost Apparition Caught on Camera

This is a 100% legitimate video of a ghost filmed inside of a changing stall aboard the queen mary ship. This video has been placed here because it is unexplainable. Before the video was posted it was presented to Engineers, Medical Doctors and various other professionals from technical industries. Each given the circumstance could not come up with explanations for what was presented to them. Now this video has been released to the public. In the winter of 2008 the American Paranormal Research Association APRA conducted an Investigation of the RMS Queen Mary’s First Class Pool. The footage you are about to see was collected during a EMF sweep of the changing stalls, the only people present where two APRA Members and a Security Guard. You will now see the raw footage of a unaccounted for “figure” sitting in one of the right hand side changing stalls.