Ghost Spirit Orb Caught on Camera

Check out this amazing ghost spirit orb caught on camera video. Yes ghost orbs or spirit orbs are a real type of paranormal activity. Ghost orbs can also be defined as light anomalies. Either name describes what they are. A ghost orb or anomaly is generally a round ball of light energy that has its own movement. Some orbs or anomalies travel slow while some travel fast. Ghost orbs and anomalies also come in different colors. Don’t confuse dust with a light orb. There are differences in their characteristics.

With each color representing the type of orb or anomaly it is. For example: A red orb or anomaly is often described as a negative entity or spirit. A white or blue orb or anomaly is often compared to an angelic or peaceful orb anomaly. These ghost orbs also come in different sizes from very small to big. But most all of they are round in shape. In other words, each orb or light anomaly has its own meaning. In this video we were investigating a haunted abandoned building.

We kept seeing these light orbs or light anomalies floating down the hallway through out the night. We decided to follow them around and then stand still in the main room. One of the light orbs floated right up to my face and it startled both of us. If you have never seen one in person, it is a very cool paranormal experience. This is still one of my best pieces of paranormal evidence to date. Do you believe in ghost orbs or light anomalies? Let me know what you think in the comments section below the video. Thanks for watching.

Ghost Spirit Orb Caught on Camera

Ghost Apparition Caught On Camera

Check out my video of a real Ghost Apparition Caught On Camera. Basically a ghost apparition is the human looking form of a ghost or a spirit. A ghost apparition is defined as many things but the main definitions of a ghost apparitions are:

  1. An unusual or unexpected sight : Paranormal Phenomena
  2. An unexpected, paranormal or supernatural appearance; such as a ghost or phantom.
  3. A disembodied spirit or soul; the soul or spirit of a deceased person; a spirit appearing in full body form after death

In this video, me and another paranormal investigator are investigating the same haunted church that we always investigate. As we are talking and filming, a small ghost like apparition appears and moves down the isle toward us. The apparition almost looked alien like. This was an amazing paranormal experience. Some people call it a ghost orb but to me it looks like more of a small ghost apparition. What are your thoughts on the video. Let me know what you think in the comments section below this video.

Ghost Orbs Caught on Camera

Check out this real ghost orbs caught on camera video. Ghost orbs are a very common form of spirits and paranormal activity. Some ghost spirits will manifest as a ghost orbs which is a round ball of light or energy. Ghost orbs will also manifest in different colors. Each different color defines the different types of ghost spirits. Most ghost orbs will come in a circular, round ball of light form.. Most orbs are often referred to as globes because of their round form. These balls of light can come in a range of sizes and color. Ghost orbs can also come in different sizes from large round energy light forms to smaller round energy light forms. The color of ghost orbs may relate to the different types of energy that the orb manifests, The color of a ghost orb gives you the ability to find the color meaning associated with the different types of energies.

The colors of the orbs can represent good spirits, bad spirits and other types of ghost spirits. In this video we are communicating with the ghost spirits through EVP recorders and spirit box communication. While we are communicating with the ghosts, you can see the ghost orbs flying in front of the camera. Some of the ghost orbs move very slowly and some of them move very fast. This was a awesome unique experience. You can find more of our paranormal videos on the Ghosts of Mississippi Youtube channel. Do you believe in ghost orbs? Let us know what you think about the video in the comments section below.

The Gettysburg Ghost Sightings

Most everybody that has seen the gettysburg ghost sightings all agree upon is that the footage is real. Gettysburg was a main location during the civil war. Gettysburg is also the location of some of the bloodiest battles that ever took place during the civil war. It is a place where thousands upon thousands of soldiers died a horrible death during the civil war. A couple of theories on why this place is so haunted is the amount of horrific deaths caused the spirits to not know they are dead or they are stuck there to haunt the place for eternity. Another theory is that some of the paranormal activity is known as the stone tape theory. This is where paranormal energy imprints itself on the surrounding area and keeps replaying just like a tape recorder. Either way, most people do agree that Gettysburg is an extremely haunted place. I love to ghost hunt and I love the paranormal. In this specific video clip you will see what looks like multiple ghost energy apparitions walking back in forth in the woods and up the mountain. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment.

Franklin Castle Ghost Apparition

This franklin castle ghost apparition video comes from the ghost adventures crew. As zack was filming billy inside of the room, a very tall shadow figure type ghost can be seen walking by the outside of the window. This is an amazing piece of paranormal evidence. A shadow figure or shadow person ghost takes its human form but this shadow figure ghost is extremely tall when it walks by the window. Ghost Adventures is an American paranormal documentary and reality television series that is shown on the Travel Channel. The program follows ghost hunters Zak Bagans Aaron Goodwin and billy Tolley as they investigate locations that are reported to be haunted. Check out this clip of the shadow ghost and let us know what you think in the comments.

Scary Things Caught on Camera – Shadow People

Shadow people are a real paranormal occurrence. In this video you will see 5 scary things caught on camera shadow people. Do you believe in shadow people? In this Top 5 video, we countdown the 5 scariest videos of shadow people caught on camera. Are these ghosts caught on camera? Or something worse? You decide. Featuring never before seen stories of ghosts and scary things as told by the people who caught the shadow being on camera. Shadow people and entities caught on video by both regular people and ghost hunters – in haunted houses, abandoned places, and haunted houses.

Shadow people are usually witnessed by people suffering from sleep paralysis, but these folks managed to capture some very scary video of their eerie haunting in real life. We investigate to discover if some of these bizarre and creepy urbex encounters are real or fake. Let us know what you think in the comments below this video. Do you believe that these are real ghostly shadow figures or do you believe that there is more of a natural explanation?

Scary Paranormal Shadow Figures in New Orleans

New orleans has always been a paranormal hotspot for ghosts and shadow figures. This video contains real paranormal evidence of real shadow figures caught on camera. This haunted hotel left our jaws dropped after we reviewed the footage that our static cameras picked up while spending the night! This content may be considered extremely disturbing to some regarding the use of Ouija boards / Black magic and should be watched at viewers own discretion. The videos we caught on camera are that of unexplained phenomenon and shocking paranormal activity. This tape will leave you terrified in horror. New Orleans has always been considered a paranormal investigators dream location and it lived up to the billing. After researching many haunted places in New Orleans we decided to book two rooms at the Olivier Hotel. There has been many reports of guests witnessing full body apparitions and shadow figures during their stays. The things we witnessed and saw were shocking. Check out the video and see for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

Paranormal Activity in Ohio – Ghost Apparition Caught on Tape

Do you believe in ghosts or apparitions? You will after seeing this video. This scary video is another video clip from the Fourman brothers out of ohio. In this video clip they capture 2 different ghost apparitions on tape. They almost run into the first apparition. The second apparition looks like a woman squatting down trying to hide from them. The first apparition that they almost ran into has a solid white ghost looking face. It is 100% real and 100% creepy. They captured both of these ghost apparitions inside of the historic Hardin museum in Ohio. Check out the video and let me know what you think. You can also check out more of their paranormal investigation videos on their FourmanFour Youtube channel. These guys are legitimate and the real deal when it comes to real ghost hunting videos.

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