Real Ghost Apparition Caught on Camera

This is a video that shows a real ghost apparition caught on camera. A ghost apparition, or shadow figure as some people call them is when a spirit is able to manifest into a partial or full body form. Theories suggest that they need a strong energy source to do this. This type of energy can come from electricity or a human body.

This video is provided by phil sinclairs paranormal investigations. In this video you will see what looks like a real full body ghost apparition as the person is moving their phone. You can clearly see, as the phone is moving, a perfect looking apparition that looks like it is fading away. Just as the camera pans away you can see the form of a shadow figure apparition fade away.

I have slowed down the footage to get a better look at the apparition. The person who recorded it insists that there was no one else in the room. It is a very interesting capture of paranormal evidence. Do you believe in shadow figures or ghost apparitions? Let us know what you think about the footage in the comments and thank you for watching.

What is the Paranormal?

Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal? What exactly is the paranormal? The paranormal can be summed up as unexplained phenomena. Or as Wikipedia defines it ” purported phenomena described in popular culture, folk and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described as beyond normal experience or scientific explanation”. In other words, nobody can explain what the paranormal is exactly. We know that the paranormal includes ghosts, spirits, angels and negative entities but we don’t know exactly how the paranormal works. We do have theories though. Theories are based off of real life paranormal experiences and events. Lets look at some paranormal theories.

  1. Paranormal Theory 1 – Ghosts and spirits are the souls of people that used to live as human beings here on earth.
  2. Paranormal Theory 2 – Negative entities never lived as human beings on earth.
  3. Paranormal Theory 3 – Paranormal activity can produce physical manifestations such as shadow figures.
  4. Paranormal Theory 4 – Paranormal activity can also be produced in the form of poltergeists that can manipulate objects.
  5. Paranormal Theory 5 – Strong ghost entities need energy to manifest or speak so they will drain batteries from cell phones and other electrical devices that use batteries.
  6. Paranormal Theory 6 – Ghosts and spirits can also drain the energy from a human being making the person feel lethargic.
  7. Paranormal Theory 7 – Ghosts and spirits are made up of electricity and natural energy but need more energy and electricity to speak and show themselves.
  8. Paranormal Theory 8 – Ghosts and spirits can leave their voices on digital recorders as well as tape recorders. These voices are called Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP for short.
  9. Paranormal Theory 9 – A ghost or spirit can use the energy of a human or an electronic device to speak. This is known as a disembodied voice.
  10. Paranormal Theory 10 – A ghost or spirit can also use energy from a human or electronic device to manifest into a full or partial apparition. They can also use that same energy to touch you or mark you.

This is just some of the theories that are paranormal. There are many more. The paranormal can also be defined as occurrences of events or without a scientific explanation or other supernatural phenomena. The paranormal is one of the few things that science cannot explain. The paranormal is very real. Ghosts are very real. Ask anybody that has ever experienced a paranormal event and they will tell you just how real it is. Ghosts and unexplained paranormal events don’t have to be explained by science to know that it is real. The best thing to do is to experience it for yourself. Get some ghost hunting equipment, find a haunted location and try to make contact with the paranormal. Having a first hand experience with the paranormal is the best way to know that it is real.

Shadow Person Caught on Camera

Shadow figures are a type of ghost entity that takes the shape of a hum,an form. In this video you will see a guy walking down the stairs to his basement. While he is walking down the stairs a shadow person appears at the bottom of the stairs causing him to run back up the stairs. This looks like a real shadow figure appearing as he reaches about half way down the stairs. For the last few months there have been weird bangs and noises in our basement. constantly sounds like someone is walking up and down our stairs. We thought that the noises were coming from our cats, seeing how their litter box is in the basement. This night however the cats were upstairs in my daughters room, and my dog can be heard whiney about the basement noise while he’s in his cage in the kitchen. this entity that i caught on camera i am at a loss over. i am now terrified in this house. Watch the video and let us know what you think that it is in the comments section below this video.

Top 10 Haunted Places in Mississippi

top 10 haunted places in mississippi

Top 10 Haunted Places in Mississippi

1. McRaven Tour Home

Sometimes called “Mississippi’s Most Haunted House, the McRaven Tour Home, positioned at 1445 Harrison St. In Vicksburg, as soon as served as a Confederate campsite and a makeshift hospital. Supposedly a minimum of 11 people are buried on the property. Reports claim the ghosts include Mary Elizabeth Howard, who died during childbirth within the house in 1836; John Bobb, who was killed by Union soldiers in 1864; and William Murray, who died within the range in 1911.

National Geographic magazine called the house , which is on the National Register of Historic Places, the “Time Capsule of the South.” A&E, the Travel Channel and “48 Hours” have all featured the house in broadcasts. the house features both history tours and “haunted” tours.

2. King’s Tavern

The oldest standing building in Natchez (circa 1789), King’s Tavern, located at 613 Jefferson St., is additionally the foremost haunted. Legend has it that an expansion to the tavern within the 1930s led to the invention of an area behind a wall that supposedly held three skeletons. While there’s a scarcity of support for this story, a dagger was indeed found within the tavern.

According to legend, Madeline, the mistress of the founder, Richard King, is one among several ghosts that haunt the tavern. one among the wood-fired flatbread dishes prepared by Chef Regina Charboneau bears Madeline’s name. Travel Channel series “Ghost Adventures” featured the tavern during a broadcast.

3. Windsor Ruins

Twenty-three haunting Corinthian columns are all that’s left of the Windsor plantation mansion, which may be found but six miles north of the Alcorn State University campus on Mississippi 552. The mansion seemed cursed from the beginning . The owner, Smith Coffee Daniell II, died within a couple of weeks of its completion in 1861. Three decades later, the mansion burned to the bottom , allegedly after a celebration guest dropped a cigarette.

Reports claim one ghost who visits was a Federal killed within the mansion’s doorway during the war . Another report claims Daniell might be seen within the ruins, along side sounds of a long-ago party. Hollywood has featured the ruins within the 1957 film, Raintree County, starring Taylor and Montgomery Clift, and within the 1996 film, Ghosts of Mississippi,” starring Alec Baldwin and Whoopi Goldberg.

4. Rowan Oak

Rowan Oak curator Bill Griffith stands ahead of a portrait of author Faulkner at his Oxford home, which some claim is haunted.

Rowan Oak, located at 916 Old Taylor Road in Oxford, was the longtime home of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Faulkner . Judith Sheegog, the sole daughter of the home’s original owner, Col. Robert Sheegog, reportedly threw herself off the bedroom balcony due to lost love, and her father buried her under a magnolia tree. Faulkner told the story of Judith a ghost story to his children. There also are claims Faulkner’s ghost has been spotted roaming the property, sometimes in his office, writing again on the wall.

5. Vicksburg National Military Park

Civil War reenactors fire a cannon at the Vicksburg National Military Park in commemoration of the Confederate surrender at the Siege of Vicksburg on Independence Day , 1863.

Reports of ghosts have long been related to Vicksburg National Military Park, located at 3201 Clay St., where thousands of soldiers died during the war . Visitors have reported such things as hearing artillery fire , horses and therefore the screams of wounded soldiers. they need also reported smelling smoke or gunpowder. Some ghost tours in Vicksburg offer after-dark visits to the park.

6. Mcraven, Vicksburg

McRaven is taken into account to be the foremost haunted house in Mississippi and is additionally ranked because the third most haunted house within the entire United States! it’s been featured during a sort of different paranormal-themed television programs too.

When you take a deeper check out the history of the property, it’s easy to ascertain why McRaven is taken into account to be one among the foremost haunted houses in Mississippi.

Several former residents have died inside the house, with one among them actually murdered there. additionally to the present , the mansion also served as a Confederate hospital back within the war .

Over the years there are thousands of reports of paranormal activity from a spread of witnesses.

Some of the various apparitions that are spotted within the house include war soldiers, Native Americans, and even a number of the previous owners.

7. Garden of hope cemetery gautier

Mississippi certainly has quite its justifiable share of haunted burial grounds! Garden of Hope cemetery isn’t just one of the foremost haunted places in Mississippi, but it’s also considered to be one among the foremost haunted graveyards within the entire us .

There are several spirits connected to the cemetery, which have contributed to its reputation. one among the spirits often seen, may be a young and pretty friendly female spirit that’s referred to as Cheryl Anne.

There is also reports of a person , believed to be her father, Hal, who apparently murdered Cheryl Anne, her mom, and her siblings!

He is said to return out of his grave, steal the floral tributes from other graves then return to his own with the ‘loot’!

Some visitors to the cemetery have also encountered another spirit referred to as Bloody Sarah.

It is said that this apparition runs into the road, making motorists think that they need run someone over.

She finds this highly amusing and laughs maniacally throughout the incident!

8. opera house meridian

The opera House in Meridian is certainly the right venue for a good sort of entertainment, but it’s also one among the foremost haunted places in Mississippi.

The opera is really said to be haunted by some long-dead performers! When the building is quiet, staff often hear the sound of a female apparition singing within the main house.

It is not clear who she was in life, but what’s certain, is that she has no intention of abandoning her performing days, simply because she is not any longer among the living!

9. Waverly mansion West Point

There are said to be variety of various ghosts haunting Waverly Mansion, but one among the foremost unsettling is an apparition of alittle girl who is checking out her mother.

As well as manifesting visibly, there are many occasions where people have actually heard her calling out for her Mama.

The little girl has even been known to require naps in one among the upstairs bedrooms, leaving an indent within the bed!

10. Kuhn memorial state hospital vicksburg

Another one among the foremost haunted places in Mississippi is Kuhn Memorial State Hospital. The hospital was closed permanently back in 1989 and it’s laid vacant ever since. Well, almost vacant!

Ever since it closed its doors, the hospital has attracted paranormal enthusiasts from everywhere the country. It’s even been featured on the tv series ‘Ghost Asylum’. Some of the strange occurrences recorded there include the disembodied voice of a touch girl asking if investigators, ‘want to return play with me?’ and therefore the word help suddenly appearing written backward within the dusty floor of the embalmi