MS Paranormal Group

Welcome to the MS Paranormal Group. We are amateur paranormal Investigators ghost hunters who love everything about ghosts and the paranormal.

We are new to the paranormal world but we love everything about it. Most of us have had our own ghost experience or paranormal experience.

We are trying to find more haunted places to investigate. We also like communicating with other ghost hunting enthusiasts and paranormal investigators.

We are a just a small group of people from Mississippi who love to investigate the paranormal. We love everything about ghost hunting.

Our true passion is to provide real services to other people who are dealing with paranormal activity and to provide real ghost and paranormal evidence.

We do not believe that everything is paranormal. We believe that debunking is the key to a good Investigation. We also work hard to get evidence of the paranormal and ghosts.

Our biggest and main goal is to document the paranormal and to also help other people who have been affected by the paranormal. If you need us, we are here for you.

Check out our paranormal andghost videos below.

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