Ghost Inside of a Water Well

Do you believe in the supernatural, the paranormal or ghosts? You will after watching this video. This is another video from the paranormal project. Ghost inside of a water well. As you will see a man walks up to the water well and peers in. Looking back at him is some kind of ghost, spirit or negative entity staring back at him. This is enough for him to take off running. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Whatever that is inside of that water well is definitely creepy and scary looking.

If you love all things related to the paranormal, ghosts, spirits or the supernatural then you can also check out the paranormal project by following the link below the video. You can also check out the Ghosts of Mississippi Youtube channel for more paranormal videos. Let us know what do you think is inside of the well looking back at the man in the comments section below this video. Thank you for watching. You can also check out our other paranormal videos by scrolling down or by using the video categories in the right hand sidebar.

Check out the paranormal project by visiting the link below.

The Paranormal Project Facebook Page

Ghosts of Mississippi

Ghosts of Mississippi Youtube Channel

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